• The LS XP range of HMI's has been expanded with the launch of the new iXP and eXP ranges. Featuring advanced functionality on both types, with video input/output options and sound card capability on the iXP.

    It is set to cater for a wide variety of operator related machine interfacing. [Find out more]

  • The new LS Mecapion L7 range of Servo drives has the latest inproved technology to cater for the most recent advances made in the field of servo drives. [Find out more]
  • InfoU, the LS Scada package, has been upgraded to include an extensive library and several inproved setup procedures to cater for all the interfacing to and from the machine. [Find out more]
  • LS has launched two superb new VFD series, the S100 and H100. The S100 offers high torque for general purpose to medium high duty, while the H100 offers many new advanced features for HVAC and pump applications.
  • The new modular XEC-U series PLC is set to take the market by storm. Offering webserver connectivity, dual port ethernet, high speed 60ns processor capable of handling 10 expansion modules and logging to a plug-in SD card, this product is so much more than just another PLC. 


LS InfoU Presentation

LS Mecapion New products