neXt Generation technology from LSIS

January 2016

LSIS has evolved into the neXt Generation in a market where quality, affordability and automation are taken seriously. From the LG legacy for quality and reliability along with thoughtful innovation comes LSIS’ newest offering to its HMi range – the eXP40 7” and eXP60 10”.

Introduced in August 2015 with consideration to the demands of the production environment, LSIS adds eXP which boasts a tag-less system that is easy to operate and develop with the Free XP-Builder screen editor software package, which incorporates over 30 OEM ­ communication protocols.

The Windows CE-based operating system used in the eXP makes it particularly useful when it comes to reporting, graphics and design (65 536 colours). Peripheral devices such as servo drives, inverters, ASSCI bar-code readers and the like are easily integrated with the eXP via the standard communication protocols available.

An impressive list of OEM PLC and communication protocols and their derivatives make the eXP a leader in its class for interface ability to other devices. With three serial ports, 1x RS-232C and 2x RS-485, plus an Ethernet port, users can connect to any device with the correct drivers enabled and immediately recognise the addressing structure of the system the eXP is to run from. Reporting through a switch to a remote PC, the user is able to send emails on alarms and run a Web server or use the Remote View Function to monitor production. It is also possible to export reports into Excel or Access. All these features are configured with XP-Builder screen editor.

Reporting can be retrieved locally via a password protectable USB port conveniently placed on the front bottom right-hand corner of the panel and hidden under a protective cover.

With the aforementioned features, the clear display and a fresh look by LSIS into HMI technology, the neXt Generation is ready as a serious option for designers to consider in their neXt systems.

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